What is Easter anyway?

I offer three answers:

The cross. And standing out in the snow with your arms outstretched. We are in the main bastion of the Norwegian Samis – Karasjok.
The reindeer herder upstairs said this to me, “The reindeer are like Jesus at Easter. They sacrifice everything for us.”


Here is one of them, being raced by a local lad two days back.

Today I mentioned this to Elin Kåven, an up and coming young Joik star and she said just what I thought, ‘Same with the trees they sacrifice everything too’.


(This picture was given me by another tree lover I know – Sophie Herxheimer.)

What is Easter answer number two –
It’s the place you are now. Last weekend I was walking through a scrub forest halfway up a steep mountain sheer beside the fjord. My hostess stopped at an open field. I’ve walked there many times before. She said ” You know it took a long time for Christianity to reach here as our nature religion was so strong. But this is where they built the first church. A small wooden stave church and here is the prayer stone which stood outside.” I knew i had always liked that place, but I had never thought about it before. It was just a nice small field on our way over the mountain home. But now she had told me a story. And I know that from now on I will remember that place. Enshrined and opened by her story. Easter may contain a story where you are now, if you tell it, it may remain in the memory, as the cross has stayed in our minds.

Duck egg
For two or three weeks down in Oslo now my dear duck has laid an egg every day. The eggs are large with a huge yolk and a rich texture. How does she do it? She is so fat that her belly nearly touches the ground. She must contain a production line of eggs inside. Inger Lise Oelrich (who has recently published “The New Story“) was staying last week i gave her one to eat and she said: “Do you know the story of Duck Egg?” I do now. Do you want to hear it?


This golden mosaic egg stands out Jhuels silversmith in Kautokeino. Like something from the Other world this place.


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