Start again


Quiz question. Legend hunting has moved. I met someone recently who hasn’t flown for 8 years then another family much the same. These people are cool in my book. In Norway if you try not to fly people say ‘Flyskrekk?’ meaning fear of flying.

But now I am eating my hypocritical hat and have flown a long way and maybe you can guess from the picture where I landed. Here is Heid on a 2nd class AC train, in a land where they appreciate biscuits almost as much as the land of my ancestors which I recently forsook.

Well my philosophy is that if you do fly at least stick around for as long time as you can manage. In this case I am staying for six weeks which is a long time!

But Hey, it’s hot here! It’s steaming hot and it’s monsoon and they have biscuits!

And we are collecting stories. especially stories of Weather and Trees.